…frequently asked questions

1. Why are you called Miike online, i.e on wordpress, facebook, and hotmail?

Many years ago when I was trying to come up with an e-mail account, I realised that both Michael and Green are common names in the U.K, Ireland, the USA, Australia, and Canada. After exhausting every variation and number associated with my name I decided to take the name of a Japanese film director ‘Takashi Miike’. I had recently enjoyed a film by him the previous week so I was happy to get an e-mail address without numbers.

2. How do you pronounce Miike?

My Japanese isn’t great but it’s an easy language with few complex sounds – Me Kay.

3. What’s the best country you’ve been to?

Argentina is the best country. It has all types of scenery from deserts to glaciers and from flat pampas to rugged mountains. The steaks are so good I believe I nearly cried at an all you can eat BBQ. The red wines around Mendoza equal the best I have tasted in France and Italy. The people are beautiful. The cities have ‘Old World’ charm which you struggle to find anywhere else outside the Old World. Finally, two of my heroes come from Argentina – Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and Diego ‘hand of God’ Maradona.

4. What’s the worst country you’ve been to?


5. Where is the best place to live?

South Korea. The food is outstanding and cheap. The transport is fast, reliable and cheap. There is a national park on your doorstep wherever you live. The people are warm and proud. It has the best alphabet in the world. Most of all, it’s safe in comparison to other places I have stayed or lived.

6. When did you know that you wanted to travel?

As soon as I was placed in the back of a Mini Metro at the age of three, on the way to France.

When I saw the view from the Empire State Building at dusk.

7. Do you miss home?

I miss family and friends, but with modern technology I get plenty of chances to speak to them. I miss real beer and authentic pubs, talking about football, watching test matches for 5 days, the smell of rotting leaves in autumn, the shipping forecast, and countless other things. I simply have to replace them with the good things in Korea.

8. Are you Albanian?

No I’m not, although I do speak Italian with an Albanian accent.

9. Are you British?

No I’m not. I’m English and I share my island with the culturally and ethnically distinct semi devolved nations of Scotland and Wales.

10. When will you stop travelling?

Never. Even if I am stranded in my home town with a trick knee and a debt problem, I will still always make the effort to go out and see places.

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