on…The Title

Posted: 12/02/2011 in Literature

Many years ago an elderly relative visited my family home, where I was staying at that time, from Ireland. With the need to instantly label and distinguish me from others, he referred to me as the ‘Happy Wanderer’. In my never ending quest to explore new worlds and seek out new civilizations there has always been a shadow of doubt or even a flicker of shame that my quest is futile and inferior to traditional life paths. Hearing myself called a ‘Happy Wanderer’ was one of those rare occasions of verbal accuracy. If I could have a job title, a gravestone inscription or even a middle name, I think it would be this. I felt relieved and justified in being called a ‘Happy Wanderer’. It’s both poetic and true, which is why I like it for the title here. Few people think I am happy upon meeting me, but if I am happy then I am happiest when wandering. It doesn’t even have to be an exotic wander, I just enjoy wandering.

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